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What Are The Main Functions Of U Disk

Jul 26, 2017

  What are the main functions of U disk

  So what are the main functions of U disk, you have a thorough understanding of the function of U disk? In order to let you know more about the main function of U disk, the following on the main function of U disk to make some simple introduction, so that everyone in the use of the process of purchase, after all, the different function is to choose a different type of u disk, the main function of the U disk is as follows:

  1, U disk System

  U disk System is a new IT product, it replaces the traditional optical drive cumbersome cumbersome system installation, the installation of the system to inherit a small USB disk, as a system installation of the starting tool and system carrier, and then install the system on the computer. At present, the production of U disk System launch tools have a lot of Web site, installed as a rising star in the field, with safe and convenient professional and technical support, more and more users of all ages.

  2. Music u disk

  The music u disk, is a has all the storage function and music file playback function u disk. Music u disk appearance and ordinary U disk does not look different, the only difference is that the music u disk is the built-in battery, so in the U disk on the fuselage of an extra jack, this is used to access the headset, as long as the headphones into the hole, you can listen to MP3, WMA and other common format music, but also it has support for the upper and lower play selection and set up random playback function.

  Music u disk compared to the ordinary U disk it has the function of playing music, compared to MP3 and has a low-cost advantage.

  3, Waterproof U disk

  Waterproof u disk now in the market has been rarely sold, waterproof u disk is high-end luxury, it is a special business person u disk. Waterproof u disk in the production process has been waterproof treatment, and its USB and PCB board is isolated.

  4, Antivirus U disk

  Antivirus u disk is a variety of anti-virus software u disk version of embedded in the U disk, antivirus u disk so that anti-virus software easy to use, fast, safe and easy to operate. Antivirus u disk and computer USB interface connected, will be recognized by the host and do not need to go to the cumbersome installation operation.

  However, antivirus u disk is divided into performance, it can be divided into writing and embedded two properties of the U disk, write-type antivirus u disk, the program to be installed in the computer can play a role in anti-virus, and embedded antivirus u disk, as long as the program written in the control chip in the U disk can antivirus, do not need to install.

  5, Temperature measurement u disk

  Temperature U disk is also divided into two categories, the first type is the temperature display is on the computer, install a software through a U disk test temperature, and through the software can be induced by the U disk to obtain the temperature, but this way to rely on computer software to test the temperature; the second type is to directly test the temperature of the hardware package in the U disk, and directly show it in the U disk output LED screen.

  6, the advertisement U disk

  The advertisement U disk can also be divided into two categories, the first is the advertisement u disk stored in advance of a business website Web site, with a common U disk any function, when the website U disk Reader inserted into the computer's USB interface, the computer will immediately automatically enter the Web site of the business website; The second category is the advertising U disk can be the customer's logo digital color printing processing, the formation of a variety of color effects, but also the Matt light effect processing.

  7. LED U disk

  Flash u disk can be divided into two categories, the first type can be in the U disk Shell to add a special luminescent material, similar to the effect of luminescent fluorescent stick, this kind of flash memory stick is simple but it is very practical; the second kind is through the U disk PCB board to pull out a group of power supply circuit for the light-emitting device power supply, light-emitting device There are many kinds of LED lights, there are led screen, there is also a small lamp cannon, but this U disk can only be inserted after the computer can be brilliant luster, compared to the first class, the second category will be slightly trouble.

  8, encryption U disk

  Encryption u disk can be divided into two categories, the first is the hardware encryption technology, this technology is through the U disk Shell device Password equipment, this kind of u disk is used abs or metal material to make, it can play a certain protective role; the second category is software encryption technology, this technology mainly relies on programming technicians to write a variety of encryption software to the U disk encryption, generally through the production tools to write the program to the U disk, to prevent formatting, deletion and other operations, only the correct password to operate.

  9. Start U disk

  Start u disk can be divided into two categories, the first is dedicated to do the system to start the function of the U disk, when the computer can not normally open to enter the system for related operations, but this type of start U disk function is relatively single, the second category is specialized computer city or computer technicians to maintain the computer and specialized production of a powerful U disk, in addition to the computer can be started, but also file backup, password modification, disk partitioning, system anti-virus, system repair and other functions. Like this type of boot U disk is more suitable for a certain technical personnel to use, because you can also add some functions such as the key installation system in the inside.

  These are about U disk some of the main functions, about U disk's main features are introduced to this, because in the current market in Shanghai only found with these functions of u disk, perhaps in the future will appear very many functions, after all, technology is in constant development.