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USB Flash Drives Are Generally Write-protected

Jul 03, 2017

  1. USB flash drives are generally write-protected, but should be switched before the USB flash drive is plugged into the computer interface, and do not switch between USB flash drives.

  2. USB flash drive has a working status indicator, if it is a light, when inserted into the host interface, the lights that power, when the light is flashing that is reading and writing data. If there are two lights, the general two colors, one when the power is on, one in the USB flash drive to read and write data when the light. Some USB flash drives are still in operation after the system copy progress bar disappears, and it is forbidden to unplug the USB flash drive when the read and write status lights are on. Wait for the read and write status indicators to stop blinking or to turn off the USB flash drive.

  3. Some brands of USB flash drive for the file allocation table reserved space is smaller, in the copy of a large number of small files easily error, then you can stop copying, take the first multiple files compressed into a large file method solve.

  4. In order to protect the motherboard and USB flash drive USB interface, to prevent deformation to reduce friction, try to use USB extension cable, are generally presented with the USB flash drive. If you need to buy, try to choose well-known brands, the more thick lines the better. But not more than 3 meters, otherwise it is easy to copy the data error.

  5. USB flash drive storage and hard drive has a lot of discrepancies, do not defragment, or affect the life.