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USB Flash Drive Use Has Been Very Common

Jul 03, 2017

  USB flash drive use has been very common, people often use USB flash drive to backup, carry, transfer files. However, if you remove the USB flash drive from the USB port, forget the implementation of the uninstall operation, or the implementation of the uninstall operation is not complete, or because of misuse, and directly to the USB flash drive from the USB port pulled out, it may lead to USB flash drive is damaged, and sometimes even causes the computer to not recognize the USB flash drive. If you have not previously experienced the experience of this situation, most will think that USB flash drive has been unable to use, the thrown into the trash, but this also feel a pity.

  Is there a way to restore the functionality of a USB flash drive? The answer is yes, you can follow the following steps:

  Open the Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management - Storage - Disk Management, right-click on the text "Disk 1", select "Initialize Disk" and click "OK". When the initialization is complete, the status of the USB flash drive becomes "online". Note that the USB flash drive lock will be turned on at this time, otherwise the following prompt will appear: "As the media is write protected, the required operation can not be completed." Right click on the right side of the white box, select "New disk partition" Create a new disk partition wizard, click Next, select the partition type (the main disk partition, expand the disk partition or logical drive), the general choice of the main disk partition can be. (Note: the following dialog box will appear in order, so it is not here to give the screen copy.)

  1. Select the disk space capacity: the general use of the default size.

  2. Assign a drive letter (or not assign).

  3. Select "Format this disk partition by the following settings" to format the format (file system type, allocation unit size, volume label) (do not choose to quickly format).

  4. Successfully complete the formatting wizard. Click Finish to wait for its formatting to complete. When the formatting is complete, the USB flash drive status is displayed as "in good condition".