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U Disk Virus Transmission Is Very Rich

U disk virus transmission is very rich, but since the discovery of U disk autorun.inf loopholes, U disk virus, the number of growing. U disk virus is not only exist in the U disk, the poisoning of the computer each district will also have the following U disk virus, to reach the computer and U disk cross-propagation. This is why people so concerned about the U disk virus, since that U disk is through the Windows auto-play function to spread, then we want to prevent it must understand how the Windows autoplay function is achieved.

If we insert a software CD into the computer, usually the system will automatically run on the CD pre-set welcome program, which is Windows automatic playback. And automatic playback is not limited to the use of CD-ROM, in fact, any Windows can identify the partition can use the auto-play function, whether it is floppy disk, hard disk or U disk.

A directory with an autoplay function or a root directory of a partition contains a configuration file called "autorun.inf", which defines the programs to be executed for autoplay and the icons used for the disc or partition. U disk virus is by adding or rewriting autorun.inf, to achieve the user to insert the U disk or access to the hard disk partition when the automatic transmission of the virus.

Understand the principle, we want to prevent U disk virus is also very easy. You only need to create a new directory in the root directory of each partition on your computer and name it "autorun.inf", and it is best to set it to hidden and read-only properties. Because the Windows system does not allow the same directory with the same name under the same file and directory, so the virus can no longer create the required configuration file, and you create the directory does not have the function of the configuration file, so it will make the virus lost way for spreading.

Of course, you do not have to personally do this to create these catalogs, almost all of the U disk virus killing program and the "360 stubborn Trojan horse killing" and other security tools have to automatically create the necessary items to prevent U disk virus function The

If your computer or U disk has been infected with U disk virus, and do not worry, there are a lot of U disk virus killing tool can help us to clear all the U disk virus in the computer. Such as USBCleaner, usbkiller, 360 security guards U disk virus killing tools, etc., these tools because the function is relatively simple, so use are also very simple, we have to do is to specify the virus may be infected with the hard disk partition and U disk , And then patiently waiting for the program to be anti-virus on it.

Mastered how to clear and prevent U disk virus, we still can not be taken lightly, because the U disk virus manufacturers are constantly on the U disk virus to improve, we can not know the future U disk virus will be presented in what way Front, just like the panda burning incense virus, all of a sudden let hundreds of thousands of computer paralysis, so we must regularly update the anti-virus software, but also always pay attention to the use of U disk.