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U Disk System Problems Often Occur During The System And Solutions

Aug 09, 2017

  U disk system problems often occur during the system and solutions

  U disk this is no stranger to work in the wonderful use of storage devices, not only can store information, you can also install the system through the U disk. Now many companies use the computer is no CD-ROM drive, then this time to use the U disk system is a good choice, the following Xiaobian to give you under the reload system in the user when some common problems to solve the problem The

  Many users in the use of U disk installed after the system to know how to put their U disk to restore, in fact, this problem is a good solution, just open the U disk boot disk production tools, this time U disk must be inserted on the computer, To the U disk, and then click on the tools above the restore U disk on it.

  Many users in the installation of the system can not enter the PE system, there are two main problems encountered, one is that you download the tool is not very good, or is not made well, you can re-create the next; there is a situation that you Of the U disk capacity step is large enough to recommend U disk capacity to be greater than 512MB.

  User U disk boot disk production success, but step to know how to set up from the U disk to start, the best way for this problem is to find your motherboard manual, of course, we also released in the official part of the bios set method, press F12 The

  Many users in the use of U disk installed system often encountered into the pe can not be installed after the system, this situation may be your system GHOST file exists and can be used. If you use onekey, please make sure your system files are unpacked.

  There are friends in the use of U disk installation system in the PE when looking for a step to the U disk or mobile hard disk, this time you can start the bootpeaker before the start of the state to insert a mobile hard drive try, if you can not recognize after the start, you Enter the disk management to specify the mobile drive letter can be.

  Above is the user in the use of U disk installation system when the emergence of some small problems of the solution, hoping to help the majority of users.