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U Disk Installed System When The Most Common Problems Introduced And Solutions

Sep 28, 2017

U disk installed system when the most common problems introduced and solutions

Now many users in the use of U disk system when there are often some minor problems, then today's U disk system tutorial Xiaobian to give you finishing under the user problems and solutions.

1, u disk system blue screen

u disk system into the PE when the blue screen. This is because some laptops do not support ghost version of the system. Therefore, to solve the problem of blue screen, you may have to re-install the system, or do not use the system driver. Ghost system can be installed in the fast completion of the time, there are options to install the driver, as long as the check can be. After the system is installed, use the drive on your own installation disk. Of course, you can also download and install the driver wizard to download and install the driver on the computer.

Of course, u disk system blue screen is also possible for other reasons, such as u disk is not produced well, compatibility does not work, then you can change a u disk to start the tool to try.

2, boot tips "BootMgr Missing"

Bootmgr is missing: The boot manager is missing. Solution: Use the USB boot disk to restore the startup item

(1) USB boot disk boot system to enter - "system recovery options" - "start repair"

(2) the system in accordance with the order of the order, in order to find the cause of the failure may cause. In the background of the system, the startup recovery checker will automatically test the analysis of the Windows update (if the installation fails, it may also cause a startup failure), system disk, disk error, disk metadata, target operating system, boot log and so on.

(3) If the system finds the cause of the startup failure and fixes it, it will enter the dialog box, prompting that you have found and tried to fix the problem.

(4) by default will not show the cause of the fault, click the "Finish" button to restart the computer to complete the recovery operation.

3, can not create a new system partition "

Steps to solve:

(1) the win7 mirror made in the computer's non-system disk on the other hard disk.

(2) restart the machine, through the U disk to start. Enter the winpe system

(3) the windows 7 ISO image decompression to the computer's non-system disk on the other hard disk.

(4) into the win pe system, formatted C drive for the NTFS (recommended 3O G above). From the extract the installation of the folder to find boot, bootmgr and sources these three files, and copied to the C root directory.

(5) in the win pe system running cmd, type "c: \ boot \ bootsect.exe / nt60 c:" (note exe and / nt60, / nt60 and c: between the spaces), and then enter, see The words that prompted the words are successful! Then restart the computer.

6) U disk from the computer to pull out, remove the U disk, and then start from the hard disk.

4, u disk system can not find the hard disk

This is likely to occur when the hard disk mode is not set up. Boot into the BIOS (enter the method, please refer to the u disk to start finishing the u disk to start the hotkey, or pay attention to boot on the screen or the bottom of the tips), then enter the Config option, select Serial ATA (SATA), the original " AHCI "to" Compatibility "or" IDE ", then press F10 to save the settings just now.