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U Disk Infected With The Virus How To Do?

Oct 16, 2017

U disk infected with the virus how to do? To prevent the U disk is written to the virus solution

U disk often used, then there may be poisoning, especially when the virus is inserted into the computer, often infected with U disk, then how to prevent the U disk infected with the virus? This article will introduce how to make anti-virus U disk.

Steps: Open "My Computer" and find your U drive. Double-click to open.

In the U root directory click the right mouse button, create a new autorun.inf folder

OK, you're done, shut down my computer, an anti-virus U disk made. Its that simple.


In fact, the principle is very simple, most of the U disk virus is the first to create autorun.inf folder and then implanted virus, the virus into the C drive is through this folder in the internal file for the media, if the pre-built an empty file Folder, we all know that a disk which can not have two file names at the same time. If you can not create such a folder, it is possible that your U disk has been poisoned, you need to reformat, and then repeat the above steps on it.