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U Disk Has USB Interface

Jun 19, 2017

  U disk has USB interface, is a USB device. If the operating system is a Windows 2000 or more system or an Apple system, the USB drive is plugged directly into the front panel of the chassis or the back of the interface, the system will automatically identify. If the system is 98, you need to install the U disk driver to use. Drive can be included on the CD or on the manufacturer's website.

  For the first time, the system will report: Discovery of new hardware, wait, will prompt: New hardware has been installed and can be used (often inserted in the U disk without prompting). Open My computer and see an extra icon called removable disk. After this step, then use U disk, you can plug in, directly open "My Computer". Notice at this point, in the bottom right corner of the screen, there will be a small icon, which is the meaning of USB device. (U disk is one of the USB devices), next, you can manipulate files as usual, in the U disk save, delete files. However, note that after the U disk has been used, close all windows, especially about the U disk window, correctly unplug the U disk before, to the right key point of the lower right corner of the USB device icon, then left-click "Safely Remove Hardware", press "Stop" button, in the pop-up window, and then click "OK". When prompted in the lower right corner: "You can safely remove the drive now" This prompt, you can remove the U disk from the chassis.