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The U-Disk Is Used For Attention

  The U-Disk is used for attention

  The U-Disk usually has a write protection switch, but it should be switched before the computer interface is inserted in the usb drive.

  2. U disk has working status indicator light, if it is a lamp, when inserted into the host interface, the light is said, turning on the power supply when lights flashing says it is to read and write data. If it is two lights, usually two colors, one is bright when the power is switched on, and one is bright when reading and writing data in a usb flash drive. Some U-Disks are still working after the system copy progress bar has been removed, and it is strictly prohibited to unplug the usb drive when the reading and writing status is on. Must wait for read and write status indicator to stop blinking or extinguish to remove the usb drive. 3. Some brand of U disk for file allocation table reserved space is small, easy to an error in copying a large number of individual small files, can stop the copy at this moment, take the multiple small files compressed into a first solution to large file.

  To protect the mainboard and USB port of USB, prevent deform and reduce friction, use USB extension cord as far as possible, usually with USB drive. If you need to buy, try to choose a well-known brand. The thicker the line, the better. But no more than three meters, otherwise it's easy to make a mistake in copying data.

  The storage principle of the U disk is very different from the hard drive, and it doesn't have to be broken up, otherwise it will affect the service life.