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The Repair Method Of The U Disk Running Too Slowly

Jul 26, 2017

  The repair method of the U disk running too slowly

  Sometimes we use the U disk when the speed is too slow, if the elimination of infected computer viruses and the quality of the U disk itself, it may be because the use of U disk does not turn on the system "write cache after" this function. Here's how to open write caching:

  Right-click My Computer, select properties → performance → file system → removable disk, and hook up before the Write Cache dialog box is enabled; Under WinXP, you can open My Computer, right-click the removable disk, select Properties → hardware, select the disk drive where the flash memory is located, click properties → policies, select the dialog box for performance Optimization ..., and click OK.

  Similarly, in peacetime in the use of careful maintenance, but also very important. For example, absolutely do not in the U disk led flashing fast when the flash drive, because then the U disk is reading or writing data, halfway out may cause hardware, data damage. In addition, do not close the backup document immediately after the relevant program, because the flash drive on the light is still flashing, indicating that the program has not completely finished, then unplug the U disk, very easy to affect the backup. So file backup to the U disk, should be some time to close the relevant procedures, in case of accident, the same reason, in the system prompts "Can't Stop" also do not easily unplug the U disk, this will result in data loss.

  In addition, pay attention to the U disk in the dry environment, do not let the U disk interface long exposure in the air, otherwise easy to cause surface metal oxidation, reduce interface sensitivity. At the same time, do not use the long U disk has been inserted in the USB interface, or on the one hand can cause interface aging, on the other hand is also a loss of u disk.