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The Core Function Of Power Bank Is Charging.

Power Bank charging voltage and current will affect the stability and speed of charging. Too big to damage the phone, too small to slow the charge. The current charge of the output voltage is generally 5V current at least 1 amp. So the formal product will be marked on these parameters.

Choose to charge the baby to see the USB port standard current is how much, regular products are generally marked.

The general mobile phone are at least one election, hundreds of milliamperes of the output current charge that slow and now high-end intelligent machine with hundreds of milliampere current will be filled with full or full, those three no products are generally not marked output Current because it is not qualified. While the current of 2 amp can be filled with a flat computer. The greater the current the shorter the charging time, the size of the current also affect the life of mobile phone battery length. So usually the case of smart phones in no hurry to use a current charge on the charge of it.

From the appearance of the work also reflects its quality.

Manufacturers to produce the products work fine, Power Bank a lot of details are done in place. Charging Po anti-collision anti-drop puncture in this regard can also be reflected in the appearance.

Security is also the most important.

Its safety is generally reflected in the battery, circuit and shell three aspects. Because the circuit in the charge inside the treasure, and we can not open when the purchase of the circuit inside is how, so here do not introduce the circuit, although not introduced in this regard, but I still want to long-winded to buy regular products, Cheap, a sub-price goods.

Battery side.

Power Bank battery sub-lithium polymer battery and 18650 lithium battery, the battery is mainly short-circuit, broken and high temperature. Lithium polymer battery short circuit after the battery pressure is not strong, will occur drum package, but the explosion and burning probability is low; and 18650 battery has been improved after adding a gas pressure relief device, short circuit explosion probability is very low, but it burns Easy to explode. Lithium polymer battery if damaged immediately will burn, lithium polymer battery is only burning explosion probability is very low. Lithium batteries if the same damage will have serious consequences. So strong and durable is the first choice, Power Bank charge the treasure of the anti-collision anti-drop anti-puncture is very important.

Appearance of high temperature performance.

Metal shell than the plastic shell fire performance outstanding, although the brand charge plastic shell with a certain flame retardant, but still less than the metal shell some.


Portability and from two aspects: the first charge of the charge factory is the weight, weight and capacity is proportional: the same material circuit board, with the material of the electric core, with the material under the conditions of the larger capacity of the heavier the heavier the weight , The same conditions under the weight of light but the standard capacity is much higher, the subject of the capacity must be false; Power Bank the second is the volume: the volume is proportional to the capacity, with the material of the electric core, the same shell under the conditions of large capacity certainly Big.