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Small Tips To Make U Disk With Anti-virus Function

Jul 26, 2017

  Small tips to make u disk with anti-virus function

  The invention and popularity of u disk obviously facilitates our daily work and life, but there are a lot of problems. Which I think the most troubling U disk users is poisoning problem, not only to make your U disk can not be used normally, but also have a U disk inside the data stolen. Can be seen, have a virus never in the U disk to everyone how important ah. The market also has the hardware anti-virus U disk products, but most of the U disk is no anti-virus function. But today, just a few simple steps, you can turn your ordinary u disk into an anti-virus U disk. Take the next step.

  Open "My Computer" and find your USB drive. Double-click to open.

  Click the right mouse button in the root directory of the U disk, and create a new Autorun. inf folder

  OK, it's done, shut down my computer, a anti-virus U disk made. It's that simple.


  In fact, the principle is simple, most of the U disk virus is the first to establish Autorun. inf folder and then implant the virus, the virus enters the C disk is through the folder internal files for the media, if you build an empty folder, we all know that a can not have two of the same file name. If you can't create a folder like this, it's possible that your USB drive has been poisoned, needs to be reformatted, and then repeat the steps above.