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SanDisk Cruzer Enterprise USB Flash Drive

an. 2, 2009 (6:02 pm) By: Brian Osborne

Most enterprises have gone out of their way to protect their data from outside intruders. The emphasis the past few years have been to prevent people from accessing enterprise data from over the Internet. That has led to the installation of spam filters, firewalls, encryption, strengthened passwords, and antivirus software. Unfortunately, a new hole has been found when it comes to the ability for someone to access corporate data. That hole is external storage.

You can spend millions of dollars protecting corporate data from those who try to access it over the Internet to end up losing private business information because some employee decided to bring in a USB flash drive to take work home. Now the business data you worked so hard to protect is left up to a single employee who hopefully doesn’t drop their USB drive or leave it somewhere for anyone to access the data on it.

This has led some enterprises to ban the use of USB flash drives. That’s a little extreme if you consider the convenience of them. What’s needed is a USB flash drive that is as secure as any firewall or other encrypted data on a company’s network. That’s why SanDisk offers the Cruzer Enterprise USB 2.0 Flash Drive.

Mandatory Security

Some people may bring up the point that many USB flash drives offer the ability to encrypt files. Of course, the main problem with these drives is that their encryption is optional and not mandatory. If it’s optional you can bet that many employees won’t use it.

Upon installing the Cruzer Enterprise USB flash drive you will notice that you have two new drive letters. One is seen as a CD drive while the other is seen as a “Removable Disk”. The CD Drive which is called the Launcher is what contains the software to be able to setup the flash drive with the proper encryption. This is where you setup your password which will is required to access the data on the USB flash drive from any computer.

You can also utilize this setup to assign your personal and company name to the USB flash drive in addition to any other details you wish to provide in case the USB flash drive is lost and needs to be recovered. If you do lose your Cruzer Enterprise USB flash drive you don’t have to worry about your data not being protected. That’s because data is encrypted using 256-bit AES hardware encryption.

Manage Centrally / Read and Write Fast

Another disadvantage to many USB flash drives is that they can not be centrally managed. This fact leaves many IT administrators up at night knowing that flash drives can be customized based on an individual’s own selections. Luckily, the Cruzer Enterprise can be centrally managed using the SanDisk CMC software available separately.

As far as saving files you’ll appreciate the speed at which the USB flash drive reads and writes files. The Cruzer Enterprise reads at 24MB/s while it writes at 20MB/s.

Nice GUI

Once you setup the Cruzer Enterprise you will notice a new icon that looks like a flash drive. Upon clicking on the flash drive icon you will notice that you can now change the Cruzer Enterprise settings, browse the flash drive and even format it. If you need to remove the USB flash drive you can also use the GUI to shut it down for proper removal.


If a company is looking for a compromise which offers the convenience of a USB drive while ensuring enterprise level security then the Cruzer Enterprise USB flash drive is a great solution. If you consider the 256-bit AES security offered by the USB flash drive and the ability for it to be centrally managed it makes a great fit for most enterprises. The Cruzer Enterprise USB flash drive is offered in sizes of 1GB, 2GB and 4GB and is priced US$87.79, $146.31 and $216.54 respectively.