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Properly Plug The USB Flash Drive

  Properly plug the USB flash drive: Never pull out the flash drive when the flashing light is flashing, because the USB flash drive is reading or writing data, and the midway pullout may cause damage to the hardware and data. Do not close the relevant program immediately after the backup document is finished, because at that time the light on the USB flash drive is still flashing, indicating that the program has not yet ended, then pull out the USB flash drive, it is easy to affect the backup. So the file backup to the flash drive, it should be some time and then turn off the relevant procedures to prevent accidents; the same token, the system prompts "can not stop" do not easily remove the USB flash drive, this will also cause data loss.

  Note that the USB flash drive is placed in a dry environment, do not let the USB flash drive port interface for a long time exposed to the air, otherwise likely to cause surface metal oxidation, reduce interface sensitivity.

  Do not plug the USB flash drive for a long time on the USB interface, otherwise it will easily cause the interface to age, and on the other hand, the USB flash drive is also a loss.