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Power Bank Security Risks

Jun 02, 2017

  Power Bank security risks

  Smart phone era, many friends have been inseparable from the phone, and even some people have to have two minutes to have to look at, five minutes have to touch the point where there is no cell phone doors are out, but this way, the battery into A big problem, so the charge will become a "home travel essential goods." But many people may not realize that seemingly ordinary small charge treasure, there may be a big hidden danger.

  Power Bank is the biggest hidden danger of spontaneous combustion explosion. So how to prevent the charge treasure explosion?

  Charging is best not to charge for a long time, before charging a good time to control the charge time to reduce the probability of explosion. In the case of ventilation, room temperature, dry, not in the overheated, humid environment to use and save. Do not touch the fire, do not sun exposure, some very harsh environment please avoid.

  Choose the charger is very critical, do not buy some cheap Taobao but a large capacity of the charger, easy to buy fakes, or quality is not guaranteed, to some high-quality charger provider official website, or flagship store to buy regular charger.

  In the usual attention to the appearance, and sometimes there are some exceptions please do not use, immediately replace, there is a drum phenomenon, it is best not to use. Try to replace. Usually pay attention not to pressure, fall, strong shock, so as not to cause short-circuit phenomenon, there is a short circuit burned the risk of detonation.

  Use the number of times to charge the baby not too frequent, the charge discharge should not be too frequent, too often will shorten the life expectancy, and will increase the risk of danger.