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Power Bank Is Actually Easy To Carry Large-capacity Portable Power Supply

  Power Bank is actually easy to carry large-capacity portable power supply. It is a portable device that integrates power storage, step-up and charge management.

  Charging the charge of the treasure itself directly through the AC power can be charged to the mobile device and has its own storage device, the equivalent of a charger and a standby battery, compared to the standby power supply can simplify a charging plug device, and compared to the charger it has its own storage device, you can not direct power supply or out of the digital product to provide back-up power.

  Power Bank circuit system specific five components

  A. Lithium core capacity indicating circuit

  The lithium core capacity indicator circuit consists of a XCCECC series voltage monitoring chip.

  B. Electric Core protection circuit

  The core protection circuit is composed of overcharge protection, over-release protection and Over-temperature protection, and the triple protection of HAT2027, R5402 and self recovery fuse has been built, which greatly enhanced the safety of lithium core.

  C. Charge management circuit

  Charging management circuit adopts CN3066, the charging process is divided into trickle charge, constant current charge, constant voltage charge and maintenance charge four parts, so that the mobile power supply can reserve the maximum energy.

  D.DC Dec boost Circuit

  DC Boost Circuit adopts MAX1771 integrated chip, which can release the lithium core capacity to the maximum extent in the safe range, and achieves the purpose of supplying power to a variety of digital devices.

  E. Functional extension circuits

  Functional expansion covers the common needs of outdoor activities, with emergency night Gaoliangzhao, outdoor anti-theft security alarm, camping mosquito repellent.