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Power Bank Also Known As Mobile Power

Power Bank also known as "mobile Power", "Power Bank" This concept is with the popularization of digital products and rapid growth, and its role is to give mobile phones or digital products to provide charging functions.

Products suitable for a variety of USB interface digital products include: mobile phones, PSP, MP3, MP4, GPS, ipad. Applicable crowd for business people, fashion talent, game enthusiasts, travellers, music lovers, night dormitory power outage students. Buy Power Bank do not covet cheap! But Power Bank as a new type of battery products, many consumers for how to use and maintenance of Power Bank there are many misunderstandings.

The core components of Power Bank are mainly two parts, one is the medium of storing electricity, the other is the medium of converting other energy into electricity. Because a lot of customers pay attention to what brand of Power Bank, so the quality of the core can be used as a measure of the weight of one of the important standards. Rechargeable batteries are commonly used in polymer lithium, 18650 lithium, AAA Ni-MH battery three kinds.

The polymer lithium ion battery is more expensive than the ordinary lithium battery cell. However, the advantages of high-capacity and small volume of high-capacity polymer lithium battery make it gradually replace ordinary lithium battery.

According to the national standards of the battery, especially for polymer batteries have a strict grading system, the quality and timeliness of the battery divided into three grades-electric B and C. A electricity for the new polymer battery, b electricity for more than three months in stock or demolition of the battery, C electricity is used batteries. It should be noted that although the C electricity is cheap, but there are serious quality problems, B electricity prices are relatively low, but the recession is very fast. In the case of economic permitting, please purchase a battery charger.