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Metal USB Is A New Interface Technology Used In The Computer Field

  Metal USB is a new interface technology used in the computer field. As early as 1995, already have a personal computer with a Metal USB interface, but because of the lack of software and hardware support, these personal computer Metal USB interface are idle unused. After 1998, with Microsoft in Windows 98 built-in Metal USB interface support module, coupled with the increasing number of Metal USB devices, Metal USB interface has gradually entered the practical stage.

  Since the twenties and thirties, with the popularity of Metal USB support for a large number of personal computers, Metal USB gradually become a standard interface for personal computers is the trend. In the host side, the latest launch of the PC is almost 100% support Metal USB; and in the peripheral side, the use of Metal USB interface devices are also growing, such as digital cameras, scanners, joysticks, tape and floppy drive, image equipment, printers, keyboard, mouse and many more.

  Metal USB device has been a lot of applications, mainly with the following advantages:

  1. Hot-swappable. This allows users to use the external device, do not need to repeat the "shutdown will be parallel port or serial cable connected to the boot," this action, but directly in the computer work, you can plug the Metal USB cable to use.

  2. easy to carry. Metal USB devices are mostly "small, light, thin" known for the user, the same 20G hard drive, Metal USB hard drive than the IDE hard drive to light the weight of half, want to carry a lot of data, of course, Metal USB hard drive will be the primary elected.

  3. Standard uniform. We are common IDE interface hard drive, serial mouse keyboard, parallel printer scanner, but with Metal USB, these application peripherals can all use the same standard and personal computer connection, then there is a Metal USB hard drive, Metal USB Mouse, Metal USB printer, and so on.

  4. You can connect multiple devices. Metal USB on the PC often have multiple interfaces, you can connect several devices at the same time, if connected to a four port Metal USB HUB, you can then connect; four Metal USB devices, and so on, as far as possible , Will your home equipment are connected to a personal computer at the same time without any problems (Note: the maximum can be connected to 127 devices).