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Metal USB Also Has A Significant Advantage Is To Support Hot-swappable

Jul 13, 2017

  Metal USB also has a significant advantage is to support hot-swappable, that is in the case of boot, you can also safely connect or disconnect the Metal USB device to achieve real plug and play.

  The twentieth century, a decade, Metal USB devices have been widely used, the more common is the Metal USB2.0 interface, its transmission speed of 480Mbps.

  Metal USB2.0 compatible Metal USB1.1, which means Metal USB1.1 devices and Metal USB2.0 devices can be used, but then Metal USB2.0 devices can only work at full speed (12Mbit / s). Metal USB2.0 has high speed, full speed and low speed three working speed, high speed is 480Mbit / s, full speed is 12Mbit / s, low speed is 1.5Mbit / s. Which is full speed and low speed is compatible with only work in Metal USB1.1 or Metal USB1.0 early design and equipment. Metal USB bus is a one-way bus, the main controller on the PC, Metal USB devices can not take the initiative to communicate with the PC. In order to solve the problem of mutual communication between Metal USB devices, the manufacturers have developed a Metal USB OTG standard, allowing embedded systems through the Metal USB interface to communicate with each other, and thus get rid of the PC.

  The new Metal USB 2.0 specification in the 1910s re-named the Metal USB standard changed the original Metal USB 1.1 to the Metal USB 1.1 Full Speed, and changed the original Metal USB 2.0 to Metal USB 2.0High-Speed ( High speed version).

  Metal USB 3.0 is the latest in the twentieth century, a decade of Metal USB specification, the specification by Intel and other large companies initiated.

  Metal USB 3.0 - also known as SuperSpeed Metal USB - provides a standard interface for a variety of devices connected to a PC or audio / high frequency device. From the keyboard to the high-throughput disk drives, a variety of devices are able to use this low-cost interface for smooth operation of the plug and play connection, the user basically do not spend too much thought in the above.