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How Is The U Disk Usually Encrypted?

Aug 09, 2017

  How is the U disk usually encrypted?

  Now the U disk almost has a hand, many people use it to store their important data. For this reason, U disk brings us convenience and data security problems. So when we store important data, we usually encrypt the U disk. Now learn what types of encryption are available.

  Encryption can be divided into two types, namely hardware encryption and software encryption.

  1: What is the difference between hardware and software encryption

  Hardware encryption for keyboard-type encryption, card-type encryption, fingerprint encryption and so on. U disk and software encryption is mainly password encryption, certificate encryption, optical disk encryption.

  2: Common software Encryption type

  In short, each has its own advantages. Hardware encryption is more reliable than software encryption in data security, and Plug and Play, no need to install cryptographic password software, more convenient to use. U disk and software encryption in technology and cost less than hardware encryption, easy to achieve, cost-effective. Therefore, the use of software encryption products in the market is cheaper than the price of hardware encryption products.

  3: Hardware encryption vs. software encryption

  From the security point of view, software encryption is more easily cracked than hardware encryption, such as brute-force crack software, the product format, the storage of data flash chip removal and other extreme ways, U disk can easily crack software encryption. Relatively speaking, the hardware encryption because the encryption technology is cured in the hardware control chip, the entire encryption process almost no traces on the computer, password transmission is also in the form of ciphertext transmission, U disk so it is difficult to be intercepted by Trojans, even if the interception is garbled, so the possibility of cracking is very low.