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Gift Power Bank From Which Aspects To Determine Its Good And Bad?

Efficient use

Battery standard capacity and the actual mobile phone and digital equipment to charge when not 100% of the Power Bank conversion rate is the most important role is the "Power Bank protection board", so if a Power Bank PCB circuit board Using a good workmanship and design, while the use of batteries is also relatively good, and has a solid protection circuit, then the quality of this Power Bank has been guaranteed. I think that a qualified Power Bank conversion efficiency should be at least 80% or more.

Appearance novel gift Power Bank

I believe most people in the choice of any product is to look at the shape.

Whether the technology is excellent

The first Power Bank lithium polymer batteries, followed by lithium-ion batteries, and now the market there are a lot of free to open a lithium-ion battery cell Power Bank, we can see it used batteries is definitely 18650 steel Shell lithium battery. 18650 refers to the battery diameter of 18mm, length 65mm.

Convenient and practical

Easy and portable, easy to carry, to achieve anytime, anywhere power supply, this is the most basic property of Power Bank 5, safe and reliable: gift Power Bank can be intelligent display power, no load automatically identify shutdown, short circuit, overcharge, over discharge, constant current Pressure protection. To ensure the safety of Power Bank.