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A Comprehensive Interpretation Of The History Of Encrypted U Disk

Aug 09, 2017

  A comprehensive interpretation of the history of encrypted U disk

  With the development of science and technology, and the need of people to access information anytime and anywhere, mobile storage technology is widely used in modern life. The most notable change is the development and change of u disk.

  From the first time of the 2000 U disk to market, to now with the start, write protection, PC lock, compressed storage, confidential discs, double antivirus and other functions of the U disk came out, marking the U disk into the era of functional. U disk in China's development in the past ten years, has been a continuous excavation, leading the process of user demand. Now, u disk capacity is more and more large, function more and more rich, the price is increasingly close to the individual users, has become the information age "a person of a" necessities. In the era of information explosion, public information security and personal privacy protection to the security of the U disk higher requirements. This means that the future U disk will move toward security, personalized direction.

  Hardware encryption U disk the "Cambrian" of historical initiation

  Time back to the U disk germination of the "Cambrian" era. Limited to the technical threshold, the first-generation U disk must be installed under various operating systems to use the driver. With the development of science and technology, "no-drive" U disk soon appeared and became the mainstream of the market. With the following is 64MB, 128MB, 1GB, 2GB and so on a large capacity U disk has emerged, to meet the consumer's various basic needs of the U disk.

  In fact, in the personal privacy exposure, commercial confidential leaks and other incidents, the U disk industry also launched a "security battle." Since then, "Hardware Encryption" technology in this security campaign to pull the top. Most of the encrypted flash drives in the market were encrypted with software, easily hacked, and some important data, even if formatted, were easily accessible through recovery software. What's more, all software encryption software can get all the data as long as the storage chip is removed and installed on another unencrypted Flash disk circuit board.