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2010 Year in Review On Promotional Flash Drive Industry

May 06, 2015

By Christopher Johnson · Monday, January 3rd, 2011

With a New Year right around the corner, one can only wonder what 2011 will bring for the promotional flash drive industry. Will we see the rise of some new medium for flash drives or will we see USB 3.0 prices fall and mass adoption begin? Well while 2011 is shaping up to be a very interesting year, 2010 proved to be a magnificent year for the NAND flash memory and for the promotional industry as well.

2010 started off with a bang with the release of USB 3.0 technology. 3.0 promised to shatter speed records held by 2.0 devices and it did not disappoint. 3.0 also had better power efficiency, bi-directional data transferring, as well as was compatible with 2.0 and lower devices. However, when 3.0 first debuted, prices for USB flash drives and the necessary hardware to take full advantage of the increased performance were a little high and fell out of range with most consumers. Luckily at the end of the year, prices have fallen substantially and USB 3.0 has never been more affordable!

Of course 3.0 wasn’t the only thing worth noting that was released in 2010, many new products and services were announced here at Premium USB as well. Our first announcement first occurred with the addition to our equipment section by adding new Microboards USB Duplicators. These new USB duplicators featured 3-7-11 USB ports and made an excellent addition to any DIY promotional company.

Shortly after, Premium USB announced that we are now offering lower capacity USB drives as well as our new 30 day Price Lock Guarantee on Express Service USB Drives. These two new services were added in our continuing effort to offer our customers the highest and most diverse quality service in the industry.

Of course we could not stop there and by the end of summertime 2010, Premium USB had added several new USB flash drives as well as added a new custom service; Custom Hard Drives. Our new USB drives added more customization options for our customers as well as our new hard drives made an excellent top end promotional item or gift.

2010 also saw the addition of several new packaging options like our newly released Glossy USB Pen Box, our new USB bags section, as well as our new vinyl USB pouch. These new packaging options extend our customization options as well as help differentiate our customers USB promotions from others in the industry. You could say that these new packaging options really do help create a one of a kind package!

With 2010 coming to an end and not knowing what 2011 will hold, the promotional USB industry is a mystery to say the least; however, judging on what came out in 2010 and what we already know is coming in 2011, the new year should shape up to be one we will not soon forget!